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Dartboard Belgian Darts - Grand Slam SKU: 923

Diameter: 40 cm
Diameter playing area: 18 cm
Material: sisal


• Each player has a set of four darts. Each turn consists of four pitches.
• Each game consists of five bats per player.
• The players must keep both feet behind the throwing line until the four arrows are thrown.
• If one player goes over the line, this dart will be seen as a loss.
• The darts should not be removed until the total target score is called by the referee.
• If the player removes the arrows before the total score is called, then the player will have to accept what the referee calls the score.
• In case of equal scores, each player throws four darts. The highest score wins.
• The points are determined by ring, starting by the outer ring: 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 50 bullseye

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