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Gabriels Hermes SKU: GHE

60 mm playing field
Gabriels advanced heating system
Kleber P37 rubbers
300 Rapide cloth

Hermes is the result of a new approach to billiard-table construction. The use of solid Granite legs provides, besides a very exclusive look, longevity beyond that of any other table on the market today. Combined with a steel frame and a 60 mm playing field as well as the same advanced heating-system we use for Imperator V, Hermes guarantees the best playing conditions imaginable. Hermes was chosen as the “battlefield” for the 2009 Sluiskil World-Championships, the 2014 UMB Luxor World Cup and will also be the tournament table for the next 3 years at the UMB World Cups in Hurghada and Luxor.

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