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Gabriels Kronos SKU: GKR

60 mm playing field
Gabriels advanced heating system
Kleber P37 rubbers
300 Rapide cloth

Kronos was introduced in 2010 and we have shipped over 600 of them since. The idea behind this table was to design the most stable construction possible in order to provide maximum efficiency. The steel pedestals, which rest on 4 base-legs made from solid Granite, support an extremely stable frame on which the 60 mm playing field is fitted. This construction can hold weights up to 15 tons!

Of course this top-of-the line table is equipped with our advanced heating system, features Kleber P37 rubbers and comes with Simonis 300 Rapide cloth.

Kronos was the table of choice for the 2011 UMB World Championships in Lima, Peru, the 2013 CEB European Championships in Brandenburg and also for the 2013 UMB World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium.

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